Mavis and Barry’s Tramping Club Pocket

Monday 25 February 2019

The Christchurch Tramping Club was formed in May 1932 under the name Te Hapu Koa (The Happy Family). The club’s emblem featured a red tiki flanked by kōwhai with the club’s name underneath as depicted on this pocket.

Tramping club pocket

This pocket was once stitched to a blazer or jersey worn by Mavis or Barry Barwick. Canterbury Museum 2019.6.1

The pocket has been unstitched from a blazer or a jumper once worn by Mavis or Barry Barwick. Mavis Green and Barry Barwick were two of Te Hapu Koa’s earliest members, joining shortly after its formation. Their shared hobby brought them closer and the couple eventually married in 1937. Both Mavis and Barry held various offices in the club.

As Barry was an army officer during World War Two the couple had to take a break from their involvement in the club, but joined the senior arm of the club after the war. The senior arm organised monthly walks. In 1947 the club changed its name to the Christchurch Tramping Club.

Both Barry and Mavis remained active in the club throughout their lives. Barry passed away in 1975. Mavis continued going on walks right up until 1997. She passed away that year at the age of 88.

The patch will compliment the Christchurch Tramping Club’s archival records (reference number ARC1993.56) which were donated to the Museum in the 1990s.

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