Mollie Rodie Mackenzie's Jacket

Monday 28 January 2019

Fashion writer, illustrator and clothing consultant Mollie Rodie Mackenzie amassed a sizeable personal collection of twentieth-century clothing.

Red Plaid Coat

This vibrant jacket came from the collection of Mollie Rodie Mackenzie. Canterbury Museum 2019.102.1

Determined to avoid the "Sunday Best" bias that characterises most nineteenth-century clothing collections, Mollie made sure to include plenty of off-the-rack, everyday wear. By 1984, when Canterbury Museum acquired her collection, Mackenzie had accumulated over 4,000 articles of clothing, accessories, make-up and associated ephemera.

The Mackenzie Collection is still periodically added to by Mollie's daughter. This striking red, green and black plaid wool jacket was made by van Roli, Chistchurch, in the 1960s. Dutch immigrants Rob van Roosmalen and Guy Linterman opened a clothing factory in Sydenham, and their company name came from the first few letters of their surnames.

This object is not currently on display in the Museum.

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