A bloody road home

Friday 01 April 2016

Hill M L, 2016. Review: A bloody road home: World War Two and New Zealand’s Heroic Second Division. The Journal of New Zealand History 50: 149-150.

A Bloody Road Home2 A review of A Bloody Road Home by Dr Christopher Pugsley. It is the first history to cover New Zealand’s Second Division as a whole. Weighing in at 2.3 kg and running to 620 pages, the book consolidates the numerous disparate histories. It looks at how the Division worked together (when it was able to) and how the commanders’ different leadership styles worked for and against the Division. The role of Freyberg and how he juggled his own relationships with the British Army and New Zealand government is also considered.

Pugsley paints a picture of the battles and events, allowing the reader to visualise the hardships and action of battle and the times in between. In bringing together the many disparate histories of the units and campaigns, Pugsley helps the reader to understand the Division as a whole and its place within the larger context of the war.

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