Artist Lineup

SHIFT: Urban Art Takeover features a stellar lineup of urban artists from Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.

SHIFT is a dynamic undertaking and the list of contributing artists will continue to grow in the lead-up to opening.

Artists include:

Aches (Ireland)
Askew One (United States)
Benjamin Work (Auckland)
Berst (Auckland)
Bloom (Christchurch)
Cameron Hunt (Wellington)
Captain Kris (United Kingdom)
Charles and Janine Williams (Auckland)
chaste (Christchurch)
Chile One (Christchurch)
Chimp (Wellington)
Component (Auckland)
Dcypher (Christchurch)
Deap One (Auckland)
DistrangedDesign (Christchurch)
Dr Suits (Christchurch)
Drows (Christchurch)
Elliot Francis Stewart (Auckland)
Famesta (Auckland)
Flox (Auckland)
Fluro (Auckland)
Ghostcat (Christchurch)
Harrison Freeth (Dunedin)
Haser (Auckland)
Hoaks (Auckland)
Ikarus (Christchurch)
Jacob Yikes (Christchurch)
Jen Heads (Christchurch)
Jessie Rawcliffe (Christchurch)
Joel Hart (Christchurch)
Joel Rickerby (Dunedin)
Jonny Waters (Christchurch)
Josh Bradshaw (Christchurch)
Kophie (Christchurch)
Ling (Australia)
Levi Hawken (Auckland)
Lurq (Christchurch)
Margarita Vovna (Auckland)
Mark Catley (Christchurch)
Mark Sender (Christchurch)
Mike Slade (Christchurch)
Milarky (New Plymouth)
Milton Springsteen
Morks (Christchurch)
Monti (Christchurch)
Nick Lowry (Christchurch)
PK (Christchurch)
Race (Auckland)
Rightbrain Designs (Christchurch)
ROA (Belgium)
Ross Liew (Auckland)
Sean Duffell (Blenheim)
SHOK-1 (United Kingdom)
Sofiya Romanenko (Christchurch)
Sweats (Auckland)
Tawck (Auckland)
teethlikescrewdrivers (Christchurch)
Tom Kerr (Christchurch)
Tyler Kennedy Stent and Sophie Claire Violette (Christchurch)
Vents (Auckland)
Wongi 'Freak' Wilson (Christchurch)
YSEK (Christchurch)