Canterbury Potters 46th Annual Exhibition

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.

This annual exhibition celebrates the creative excellence of Canterbury Potters Association members, who range from experienced practitioners to students and passionate amateurs.

Elena Renker sake set

Guest exhibitor Elena Renker uses a traditional Japanese Shino glaze on her work.

Work displayed will be for sale and include a wide range of sculptural and functional pieces.

Guest selector Elena Renker will show examples of her work including Shino glazed domestic wares. Shino is a traditional Japanese glaze that was particularly popular among Zen tea masters in the 16th century. 

To achieve the effect, Elena fires her pots for 15 to 18 hours in a wood fired kiln she built at her studio north of Auckland. She is particularly fascinated by Japanese style tea and sake wares.

"They are objects of appreciation and contemplation, allowing a unique combination of functional and sculptural elements," she says.

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.
14 – 24 November 2019
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