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Fly Me to the Moon

This talk occurred on 9 September 2020.

Eric Dahlstrom and Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom of SpaceBase will give a presentation about future opportunities to travel to the Moon.

They will describe what has been learned about the Moon since the Apollo missions, and the government and commercial plans for sending robots and humans to the Moon. The New Zealand companies involved with lunar missions will be described, along with ideas of a future of human bases on the Moon.

The talk ties in with Our Moon: Then, Now and Beyond, a hands-on exhibition on tour from Nelson Provincial Museum.

The talk is free but spaces are limited so please register below if you'd like to attend.

About the speakers

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom and Eric Dahlstrom speaking to an audience

November 2018 New Frontiers, Photo: Vanessa Rushton, All Rights Reserved

Eric Dahlstrom is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and co-founder of SpaceBase, a charitable organisation helping New Zealand be involved in space projects. Eric is from the United States of America and studied physics, astronomy, and space engineering. He worked on the design of the International Space Station for NASA and has been involved with plans for several Moon missions.

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and co-founder of SpaceBase. She is a space entrepreneur, educator, and author, with three decades of program development and operations experience in the private space industry. She helped send private spaceflight participants to visit the International Space Station and worked on studies for sending tourists to the Moon. She is co-author of the book Realizing Tomorrow: The Path to Private Spaceflight, which was on the US Air Force Chief of Staff Official Reading List in 2013.

This talk occurred on 9 September 2020.

9 September 2020 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm Register
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