Spiders Pūngāwerewere Up Close!

Get up close with New Zealand’s most common predators.

Flower spider

Diaea ambara (flower spider). Image: Bryce McQuillan, All Rights Reserved

Featuring high quality photographs of New Zealand’s more commonly-found spiders by wildlife photographer Bryce McQuillan, the exhibition focuses on the daily life of a predator that inspires fear and fascination. For a hands-on experience, visitors can look at spider specimens under a microscope with the images displayed on a high-definition screen.

About 95% of the estimated 2,000 spider species that call New Zealand home are found nowhere else on earth. Despite this, most spiders that we see in and around our homes are immigrants, introduced here by accident or sometimes naturally. Although spiders are one of the most-seen land animals, little is known about most of them. About 800 New Zealand species have yet to be named.

Images in the exhibition were taken for the book A Photographic Guide to Spiders of New Zealand by Cor Vink, Canterbury Museum Natural History Curator and Bryce McQuillan, published in 2015.

List image: Opisthoncus polyphemus (polkado hopper). Image: Bryce McQuillan, All Rights Reserved
6 June – 22 August 2020
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