The Long Distance Migratory Birds of Our Estuaries

Plus an update on the world's oldest penguin

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.

Christchurch is a vital feeding ground for a group of migratory birds that breed in the Arctic. Professor Paul Scofield, Senior Curator Natural History (Canterbury Museum), will talk about the importance of estuaries in Canterbury and the loss of estuary feeding grounds in Asia.

Migratory BirdsHe will also present an update on the world’s oldest penguin, based on research on the Canterbury Museum collection of fossils from North Canterbury.  The Waimanu penguin artefacts in the collection are 63 million years old.   

Professor Scofield has more than 20 years collection-based research experience specialising in recent and extinct fossil birds. He is Adjunct Professor in the School of Geological Sciences at the University of Canterbury where he teaches at undergraduate and graduate level and supervises students completing masters and doctoral theses. 

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A Canterbury Museum Friends Presentation.

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.
2 May 2017 10.15 am – 11.30 am Event Full
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