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Breaking the Ice: The First Year in Antarctica

Before the world had heard of Scott and Shackleton, another explorer hatched a plan to spend a year in Antarctica. He was Carsten Borchgrevink, and his team proved it was possible for humans to survive the Antarctic winter.

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Dogs in Antarctica: Tales from the Pack

Meet the canine characters who helped Antarctic heroes like Scott and Shackleton explore the icy continent. From Kid the Courageous to Osman the Great, the dogs who pulled sledges and provided companionship on the great Antarctic expeditions all had tales of their own. 

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Whitebaiting in Te Wai Pounamu

Thu, 04 Feb 2021

Two extremely rare Māori whitebaiting nets are a fragile reminder of an important economic activity in Te Wai Pounamu (the South Island) before Europeans arrived: the catching, preparation and consumption of freshwater fish.

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Bug-Crushing Aussie Spider Could Be In Your Backyard

Thu, 14 Jan 2021

An Australian spider species that crushes insects before vomiting into cracks in their exoskeletons is living in southern Christchurch backyards.

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James Dennistoun: A Life of Adventure

Fri, 08 Jan 2021

James Dennistoun's passion for adventure took him from Peel Forest to Antarctica, and to Europe to fight in World War One.

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