Our Designs

What will the new Museum look like? These concept design illustrations, prepared by project architects Athfield Architects, will give you some idea.

Please note that these represent an early stage in the design process and features will change as the project progresses. They also don't showcase anywhere near the whole of the new Museum!Atrium Interior View

Proposed new atrium

A high-ceilinged atrium is the ideal space to show off the blue whale skeleton, which hasn't been seen since it came off display in 1994. The original forms and stonework of the Museum's historic, Benjamin Mountfort-designed buildings will be exposed and restored.

Architecural render of Museum East Facade Viewed From Rolleston Ave

View from Worcester Boulevard

Viewed from Worcester Boulevard, the Museum will look much the same. Our historic buildings remain one of our greatest taonga (treasures). A new, additional public entrance will be created in the facade of the Centennial Memorial Wing. The Museum's original windows will be unblocked, letting in natural light and connecting the Museum to the street.

Roger Duff Cafe Interior View

Family Cafe

A new cafe in the Roger Duff wing, overlooking the Botanic Gardens, will be sited next to a revamped Discovery, our natural history area for children.

 Roger Duff Corner Viewed from Botanic Gardens

Roger Duff Wing

The Roger Duff Wing, which opened in 1977, will be retained and strengthened to provide space for exhibitions and the new family cafe.

Rolleston Avenue Facade Viewed from North

Eastern Facade

This angle shows the Museum viewed from Rolleston Avenue. The new buildings at the rear of the site can be glimpsed behind the tree on the right. Also visible is the new entrance through the facade of the Centennial Memorial Wing, which despite its historic appearance was actually constructed in the 1950s.